We give you a brand new blade that brings back the feeling of the traditional hardcore floorball game. We give you a blade without any extreme excesses that might mess with your game. Instead we have created a reliable, easy-to-handle, beautiful looking blade with a very versatile field of use, which has a recognizable clear-cut Unihoc design.

SONIC has a modest concavity and only a slight pre-hook for easy ball handling and top notch passing qualities, yet it has a distinctive step between the frame and the bars for optimized grip on the ball and a fantastic shot release. And, of course, a very solid construction with great torque. Basically, a very modern floorball blade with excellent traditional qualities. Try it.


The small concavity of the forehand side has another advantage, which is that the backhand side is also rather flat and this is a great feature for anyone who wants to have a great backhand game. Passing, and even backhand shots, is a lot easier when you have a flat surface to handle the ball.


The slight pre-hook guarantees that you won´t mess up your technical skills, but it is enough to give you that extra power in your shots. Especially since the distinctive step between frame and bars improves the grip of the ball and makes sure that your shot release is just where you want it to be.


A modest concavity of 8 mm all the way from heel to toe gives you great control of
your passing game, and also makes sure that the ball has a smooth release during the shot sequence.


SONIC COMPOSITE F30 20561. Lengths: 80, 87, 92 cm.

SONIC TOP LIGHT II F28 20567. Lengths: 92, 96, 100 cm.

SONIC MIRACLE LIGHT F26 20573. Lengths: 96, 100, 104 cm.