Rink Basic

black complete 40x20m Art.no: 57955
black complete 24x14m Art.no: 57956

Rink can be customized according
to required measurements.

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The new BASIC sets a new standard for floorball rinks in terms of sustainability, materials and functionality. This BASIC rink model has slightly thinner walls than the PREMIUM model, which gives it not only a reduced weight but also a lower price. This rink model comes in solid black colour with no deviating contrast colour for the substitution zone top rails.


Rink Basic Split system


The SPLIT SYSTEM™ is developed as a complement to the PREMIUM and BASIC rinks, to make it possible to divide the gymnasium into several smaller playing fields. The SPLIT SYSTEM™ consists of 4 pcs of corner parts, 14 pcs of 2.5m parts and 2 pcs of 1.5m parts (40x20m rink). A full-size playing field can thus be divided into 3 smaller fields as illustrated above. Art.no: 57981