11211 UNITY TeXtreme 26 white-turquoise vertical
11211 UNITY TeXtreme 26 white-turquoise forhand

UNITY TeXtreme F26

96, 100, 104cm
Blade: UNITY white hard
Weight: 191 g
Art.no: 11211

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Product Description

This is the third edition of the increasingly popular Unihoc TeXtreme sticks. The fantastic properties of the TeXtreme carbon fibre material makes it possible to create these unbelievably light sticks and still keep a balance and a strength that is by far the best on the market. We are very proud that we can now release a brand new series of eye-catching sticks with several options to choose from, to make sure that each player can find just the version that he or she is looking for. In short, if you are looking for the best performance qualities available in the light weight stick segment, look no further.