UNIHOC was started in 1972 by Carl Åke Ahlqvist in Gothenburg, Sweden. Some years earlier, he invented floorball in Sweden by importing plastic hockey sticks for indoor playing. By this man, floorball and UNIHOC were launched side by side, making us the first and still existing floorball brand in the world. Our knowledge of the history of the sport is important and valuable for us in our daily work.

From plastic hockey sticks to kevlar sticks to glass fibre sticks to carbon fibre sticks. We have been the developer of new materials in this business, and we are still going strong. Important key stones in our history are the first kevlar stick brought to the market in 1988, the composite stick in 1997, molded shafts in 2002, the original Curve shaft in 2005 and now the TeXtreme sticks being released in the summer of 2015 becoming the lightest sticks in the world.


UNIHOC is the world leading manufacturer of floorball equipment today. With customers in more than 65 countries, the brand UNIHOC is the world’s largest floorball brand. UNIHOC stands for quality, design and development. We are always aiming to create the perfect product. UNIHOC is the brand that is always searching for the latest innovations and that is what we will continue to do in the future as well.

This year UNIHOC release new shafts developed together with carbon fibre producer TeXtreme creating the lightest sticks in the floorball business, ever made. The UNIHOC head office is located in Mölnlycke, Sweden, just outside of Gothenburg, and we have branch offices in Stockholm, Sweden, Chur, Switzerland and Greven, Germany.


UNIHOC is always aiming for improvement, and the future looks bright and interesting. Right now we have some interesting new product areas in our pipeline which will take the sport even further, and provide our product range with a wider set of products.

Our goal for the coming years is to increase the knowledge of the sport, and to strive to make floorball an olympic sport. We believe that this is possible, and that is what keeps us going, pushing our company forward in creating products with focus on quality, design and improvement. Welcome to more interesting years with UNIHOC!


UNIHOC is well known for its high quality and long living products. The quality is one of the key factors in our business and one of our most powerful sale points. The history of our brand tells a story of quality that we always follow.

In 2007 we created our own Quality Control team in China, working closely with our different factories to make sure that our quality remains at the highest level. With the assistance of this team we also strive to collect new ideas and materials to use and adapt them into our product range. They work daily with quality tests, social responsibility matters, work conditions and environmental influence to put our brands in a good position at the factories.

At the same time, we have a quality control setup in Sweden for material testing, quality control and the collecting of new ideas, giving us a double check of these important key stones. We also work intimately with the University of Chalmers & the University of Gothenburg, giving us new ideas and tests from the some of the best R&D facilities in the world.

Our products are approved and certified in conformity with the IFF standards for floorball use. The products are tested at SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden).


UNIHOC is famous for its revolutionary products, and this is something we always strive to improve. Products like the Player blade, the Curve shaft & the Super Top Light Carbon Fibre shafts have set new standards in the floorball business, and we are continuing to provide the market with new inventions every year.

We have one department in Sweden constantly working with product development, new product areas and new materials giving us important manpower in this area. Together with our QC-team in China, our quality control system in Sweden & our partners / universities we always strive for a continuing development of our product range.

From our partner SWEREA we receive important information about what substances and materials that can be used in our work to keep the products safe and of high quality. This is always in focus when we create inventions, improvements and new product areas for the floorball business. Based on this, we always make sure that our products follow the REACH chemical law. Materials like fur, goose down, leather with dangerous chemical content do not exist in our products.


At UNIHOC we work every day to take our responsibility in the global business world. Things like environment, human rights and corporate social responsibility are ground stones in our work every day. Through long-sightedness and good communication – we strive to be a well-prepared partner in the floorball business.

Our business shall be run with a maintenance of economic, social and environmental focus. As the biggest floorball brand in the world we have a responsibility to our customers, both individual persons and big establishments, to have a straight and open communication.

UNIHOC owns no factories, and all products are made by external partners in Europe and in Asia. All partners are carefully selected with our responsibility in mind. They are all evaluated thoroughly to make sure that they live up to the necessary standards concerning areas such as child labour prohibition, work conditions and environmental impact.

Below, you will find a description of the different institutions we co-operate with.

REACH chemical law – deals with the Registration, 
valuation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances in the manufacturing business and how to choose the right materials in our products.

Chemical Group SWEREA – works to inform member companies about current chemical and environmental issues including legal requirements, and how to work for a better environment.

ISO Certified partners – We are always striving to
co-operate with manufacturers that are working with BSCI and that are ISO certified.